Cisco Codathon(Andhra Pradesh)-2020

Codathon Andhra Pradesh-2020

Participate in the Codathon Andhra Pradesh-2020 to prepare students for a successful and lucrative career in technology from Programming in C/C++ Language.Academies can be part of the change and help fill the global skills shortage to build the technology workforce of tomorrow. Upskilling students is easy, low in cost and only takes two weeks through the Codathon campaign.

Registration On

15th April 2020

Introduction to Codathon

Duration of Codathon

Participate in the Codathon from 15th April to 15th May 2020


70-hour self-paced intro course

Enhance your skill on what you already know

Polytechnic College- CLA: Programming Essentials in C/
                                  CLP: Advanced Programming in C  
Engineering College- CPA: Programming Essentials in C++/                                                       CPP: Advanced Programming in C++

Benefits of Programming Courses

Become Smarter-think differently

Become more self-confident
Bring your ideas to life

Free to join

The cost to join the Codathon is free.


In-Demand Skills

Computer  programming jobs may be declining, but coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries


Intermediate / Advanced



Awards and Recognitions




  • All students participating in Level-1 will get participation certificate
  • Top 3 students of Polytechnics and top 3 students of Engineering colleges will receive Amazon Gift Vouchers
  • Trophies to all winning students
  • Get a chance to participate in Cisco conferences
  • To be rewarded by State Govt.
  • Instructors will get the Certificate of Appreciation
  • Top 3 Instructors of Polytechnics and top 3 Instructors of Engineering colleges enrolling highest number of students will be awarded
  • Get a chance to participate in Cisco conferences
  • To be rewarded by State Govt.
  • Top 3 Academies of polytechnics and top 3 Academies of Engineering colleges enrolling highest number of students will receive "Best Performing Academy" award

Registration Process

Instructor Registration

The Codathon is open to NetAcad Academies across Andhra Pradesh who are able to host the event over a two-week period. Applications are open from 15th April 2020 and close on 30th April 2020.


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